Resources and Tools for DEI Practitioners & Advocates

Curated Resource Lists

We found the following curated lists of anti-racism & social justice resources to be powerful in our own learning journey as an organization and as individuals. Check out the robust library of learning material curated by incredible thought leaders and educators below.

DEI Focused Technology Products

We are all about finding resources & tools that can accelerate and amplify the work of DEI practitioners. Below are a selection of technology companies that have a DEI focus at the core of their product vs. just as a feature on their product.

Certification Programs

DEI is not a topic that one can master, certainly not in a short/fixed amount of time. It’s an on-going, self-directed effort we must commit to for life and iterate based on our learnings and experiences. We do not believe DEI certification programs are necessary to be an impactful practitioner, and they shouldn’t be used to judge the quality of DEI practitioners.

However, these programs can be helpful in providing practitioners and advocates with some structure, bringing in new perspectives and offering networking and co-learning opportunities. Here are a few programs that our network of DEI practitioners have considered and participated in.